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What does it mean to be well?
One of the most important business and cultural trends of this new century is the rise in awareness around what it means for a person to be well.

New ways to be well via food, personal care, and medicine are emerging; and ancient ways, like yoga and meditation, are finding new life and broad social adoption. The social impact of this mega trend is profound.

Driving these developments quickly forward into new directions are digital media and technologies, which allow for faster connections between people, easier product development, and dramatic new sales and marketing channels. A new generation of entrepreneurs is rising around these developments, to bring a fresh and healthy approach to what it means for an individual to thrive. 

IYV is investing in, developing, and marketing digital products and services that live in this $4.2 trillion wellness market opportunity. We are building e-commerce, transactional, and advertising revenue streams and companies in areas like yoga and meditation that have the potential to leverage digital to serve people in their journeys to wellbeing.

In a stressed-out, always-on modern world the need for peace of mind and equanimity has become not a luxury of the few, but a necessity for the many. Cost effective solutions are needed to help people cope with life better and entrepreneurs are developing them.

We hope that by helping entrepreneurs bring wellness solutions into the mainstream, we will make a small contribution to making the world a more calm, fun and loving place for us all.

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